“In order to further our standing in tricking, or life for that matter, we must understand the purpose of life. As artists we express ourselves constantly. Through the way we walk, to the way we talk…and at the end of the day, when it’s all over, we hope that we’ll be remembered. A “legacy” is what it’s called, and by all means I intend to leave one behind, and I hope that you do to. It doesn’t have to be associated with tricking, it could be anything. Just make sure that it reaches those who need it, and maybe it’ll better their situation in life. Tricking is unique in the way it motivates people to push themselves over their limits. When given an opportunity, few will try to get by on the tricks that are “easy” for them to do. This is admiration to astonish in it’s purest form. You may call it “showing off”, but what type of a man would you be if you didn’t take risks? It’s human nature to brave notions such as: cause & effect, success or failure, reward or consequence, etc. The important thing is that you learn and understand the “risk/payoff ratio”. Low-risk = low-payoff, high-risk = high payoff. Only a coward wouldn’t try to extend himself to be in a position to bask in glory.”



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